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AseanPanda 2x Vanilla

• Vanilla based
• 8 man team limit
• 2x gather and farm rate
• Non-P2W
✓ AP Points System enabled
✓ AP Anti-Cheat enabled
✓ AP Team Tracking System enabled

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AseanPanda 2x PVP

• Kits enabled
• No team limit
• 2x gather and farm rate
✓ AP Points System enabled
✓ AP Anti-Cheat enabled

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No Cheating
All cheaters and teammates of cheaters will be banned. Bans may be permanent.

Threats will not be taken lightly
We issue permanent bans to all teammates no matter how unrealistic or small the threat is.

Decision of Admins are final
We also reserve the right to blacklist a player from points or prevent them from redeeming rewards.

No hate speech, spamming, or advertising
Players may be muted permanently.

For more info of our rules, visit our Discord.

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AP Anti-Cheat/Raksha

AP Anti-Cheat is a cloud-based, serverside anti-cheat solution that collects data on a player and uses heuristics and AI to determine whether the player is cheating. Suspicious activity will either result in an automated ban of the player or be reported to admins for further investigation.
Below is a list of data that is collected from players (up to 7 days):
- Movement, look, and combat data
- Connection logs including IP Address*
- Player name*
- Locale information*
- Base design including lock codes
- Interaction with other players
- Player reports
- Chat logs*

RPC functions may also be called on the player's game client in order to match the identity of banned players via certain attributes:
- Related to CPU
- Related to hard disk
- Other potentially inferrable information

*May be stored indefinitely

We also offer Raksha, a lightweight version based on AP Anti-Cheat, for servers that we are not collaborating with.


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